Explosion Vents


Explosion Vents
Storage and handling of grain and powders inherently produces dusty conditions that can lead to potentially dangerous explosions. Elfab's explosion vents are designed to open at pre-determined burst pressures to protect against the severity of these explosions.

Elfab adopt and deploy its design codes to ensure they comply with all relevant legislation. Elfab is unique in having its panels approved as a "protective System" II GD (when used with an Elfab approved Frame).

Elfab’s flat vents offer an economic and efficient means of protecting plant from overpressure caused by an explosion. Domed vents bring the additional benefit of enhanced operating performance under cyclic pressure, back pressure and vacuum conditions.

  • Fail-Safe rapid full venting
  • Maintenance free explosion vent design
  • Non-fragmenting explosion vent design
  • Vacuum and back pressure capability
  • High temperature capability
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Dust tight seal
  • Low installation costs
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