Pressure Reducing Valves


Gotze (Germany)

High quality, reliable German Pressure Reducing Valves for air, gas and water. 15-50 NB. Material - brass.

Pressure Reducing Valve / Mediums:
Water, warm water and other liquids, air and gases.

Pressure Reducing Valve / Applications:
Suitable for water up to 95 °C, compressed air neutral gases and liquids used in water supply systems, commercial and industrial plants.

Pressure Reducing Valve / Sizes: 3/8" to 2"

Pressure Reducing Valve / Features:
  • Suitable for threaded or copper pipe connections.
  • Includes internal sieve and optional pressure gauge.
  • Set pressure can be adjusted via a non-rising valve stem.
  • Flange connection according to DIN EN 1092-2.

Type 681

Short Profile:
Entirely made of metal, body and spring bonnet made of red brass, screw joints made of brass, on both sides, for iron pipes. If requested, with soldered joint for copper pipes. Spring made of rust resistant. Strainers made of stainless steel.
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Type 683

Short Profile:
Entirely made of metal, body and spring bonnet made of red brass. Spring bonnet for sizes 3/8” and 1/2” made of brass.

Body with G 1/4” connection for pressure gauge on both sides.

Biggest reduction relation 10 : 1.

Data Sheet

Product Page

Gotze Pressure Reducing Valves also include Type 481, 482, 682. For more information please click here.

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